With deal structures that drive a true partnership, a laser-focus on coaching operational excellence, and constant attention on making decisions that put people first, Redwood is a unique investor in the Residential HVAC & Plumbing space.


Deal Structures That Drive Total Alignment

  • Significant Uncapped Owner-Rolled Equity
  • Key Managers are tied-in with equity grants and additional bonus plans
  • Right Partner and Team is more important than location


Data-Driven Operational Excellence

  • Redwood’s team of Subject Matter Experts coach Partners on best practices
  • Refined set of KPIs drive decisions
  • High-touch support/accessibility from Redwood Management & Board


Culture of Accountability

  • Weekly and monthly meetings between Redwood and Partner Management
  • Support Partner efforts on operational KPI/revenue reporting
  • Subject Matter Councils from across the Redwood family meet monthly
  • Driven Redwood Management Team


Focus on Talent

  • Focus on training and development for both Managers and Front-line
  • Resources dedicated to find, grow, and build talent
  • Emphasis on appreciation and celebrating wins
  • Investment in on-site Recruiters
  • Development of Universities to grow talent in-house


Investments in Growth

  • Aggressive investment in infrastructure to stimulate high growth, including: vehicles, facility upgrades, additional managers, marketing, recruiting, tuck-in acquisitions, and more
  • Redwood Partnership de-risks investments for Owners
  • Redwood is well funded


Champion of the Brand &
the Entrepreneur

  • Day-to-day decision making remains driven by Partner Management Teams
  • Partners maintain their name, brand, and culture
  • Key functions remain in the business (call center, finance, marketing, etc.)
  • Redwood is focused on supporting and coaching, not dictating

Our definition of “people First”

  • Directing, not Dictating.
  • Coaching, not Commanding.
  • True Partner, not Boss.
  • Genuine Appreciation.
  • Decisions that put our Partners and their teams in front of Profits.

Partnering with redwood

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