With deal structures that drive a true partnership, a laser-focus on coaching operational excellence, and constant attention on making decisions that put people first, Redwood is a unique investor in the Residential HVAC & Plumbing space.


Investment model that drives full alignment

  • Highly selective portfolio of unique, independent, and locally knowledgeable ‘Partner companies’
  • Unprecedented, uncapped upside through owners’ retained equity, positioning Partners’ interest with Redwood’s
  • Key stakeholders and managers that are motivated by material long-term incentives and bonuses


Data-driven operational excellence

  • Decision making based on refined, analytics-backed KPIs
  • High-touch support & accessibility from a best-in-class team of industry leaders at the Redwood Partner Support Center
  • Robust, defined operating system and best practices for Partners to leverage


Culture of accountability

  • Targeted, regular coaching to help Partners achieve their goals (based on key operational and financial KPIs tracked daily)
  • Ongoing leadership engagement for early opportunity and issue identification and risk mitigation
  • Shared know-how and processes for Partners to “win the day”


Commitment to growth

  • Vigorous investments to stimulate growth via tuck-in acquisitions, marketing, human capital, and more
  • Professional and technical training at all levels and roles
  • Investment in building best-in-class infrastructure through investments in technology
  • Deep commitment to strategic investments in cutting-edge technology, aimed at building a best-in-class infrastructure


People-based partnership

  • Peer-to-peer connection to share best practice, validate ideas, provide support, and spur innovation
  • Enhanced interconnectivity across people, experience, and capabilities via collaborative Councils of Subject Matter Experts
  • High-end events with Partners and management to drive full alignment and grow together


Champion of the brand and entrepreneur

  • Firm belief that Partners’ name, brand, critical business functions, and culture are critical to maintaining a thriving entrepreneurial spirit within the business
  • Consistent track record of treating Partners as owners and key decision makers
  • An ironclad focus on supporting, coaching, and enhancing Partners’ outcomes

Our definition of “people First”

  • Directing, not Dictating.
  • Coaching, not Commanding.
  • True Partner, not Boss.
  • Genuine Appreciation.
  • Decisions that put our Partners and their teams in front of Profits.

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