Heather Arlinghaus

General Manager, Arlinghaus

Heather is the General Manager of Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Together with her husband, Brian, Heather founded Arlinghaus in 2008 and has managed the company for over thirteen years. At Arlinghaus, Heather is primarily responsible for leading HR and hiring activities as well as spearheading company-wide advertising initiatives, including the company’s famous pink branding.

Heather brings an extensive background in marketing and sales to the Arlinghaus team from her experience at Aflac Insurance. In her role at Arlinghaus, Heather instills operational excellence to create seamless customer experiences and drive growth for her business. Heather and her family demonstrate that Arlinghaus is a people-first company through acts of service, such as rewarding local healthcare heroes for their bravery and commitment to the safety of their community.