Redwood Services Announces Investment in Crisafulli Bros.

Albany, NY’s premier, third-generation home service company is the latest addition to the Redwood Partner roster

MEMPHIS, Tenn., February 6, 2024 – Redwood Services, a home services firm focused on investing in leading residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical services companies in growing U.S. markets, today announced it has invested in Crisafulli Bros.

Crisafulli Bros. is a third-generation family business serving the Albany, New York, area since 1939. Today, Crisafulli Bros. has 150 full-time employees and has serviced 23,000 residential customers over the last two years.

“Andrea Crisafulli and her husband Alan Ayers have expanded on the Crisafulli Bros. legacy and driven tremendous growth over the past several years,” said Richard Lewis, CEO of Redwood Services. “Crisafulli Bros. is one of the largest and best-known HVAC brands in upstate New York, having been named the Best of the Capital Region for 17 straight years and named a Top Workplace in Albany in both 2021 and 2022. The company is a strong addition to the Redwood Family, and we are eager to work together on Crisafulli’s next chapter of growth.”

The Crisafulli Bros. team will continue to operate and manage the business under the Crisafulli Bros. banner and name, while Redwood will offer operational, strategic, and financial support to enhance the company’s growth.

“At Crisafulli Bros. we believe in hard work and in growing by investing in our people. With Redwood, we’ve found a partner that will work with us as we continue providing exceptional service to our customers,” said Andrea Crisafulli, President of Crisafulli Bros. “We know that Redwood aligns with our own people-focused values, and we look forward to building more success alongside the Redwood team.”

Crisafulli Bros. is Redwood’s thirteenth platform investment, following investments in NC-based B&J; Albuquerque, NM-based Signature; New Orleans-based Keefe’s; Memphis, TN-based Best Care; Kent, OH-based Apollo; Jackson, MS-based Environment Masters; Phoenix-based Plumbing Medic; Indianapolis-based Service Plus; Cincinnati-based Arlinghaus; Fresno, CA-based Allbritten; Washington-based John C. Flood; and Tucson, AZ-based Rite Way.

About Redwood Services                                              

Founded in 2020, Memphis-based Redwood Services is building a family of people-focused essential home service companies, actively investing in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades throughout the United States. Redwood operates brands in the Arizona, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, California, Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, and New York markets as it continues to build out a national home services platform.

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Crisafulli Bros. company in front of van

From left to right: David Katz, Richard Lewis, Alan Ayers, Andrea Crisafulli, John Conway, Shaun Hardick, Sandra Koblas